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Sussex Branch Prose & Poetry


Short Fiction excerpts

(Now available together in a book.)

"Remember!" What it might have been like to ride the first train from Newton.

"The Dummy" Ride the 'Dummy' engine from Branchville to Newton transporting rare indian artifacts.

"Sussex Railroad Adventure" A short story I wrote about a child's ride up the Sussex Branch in the year 1915.

"Ghost Train from Branchville" The last run from Branchville on the Sussex Branch makes station stops in the past.

"Tour of the Line" What if the Sussex Branch were still running in 1976?

"Might Have Been" A singular event changes history for Sussex County.


"Remember the Sussex Branch" I wrote this at the 30th anniversary of the last train from Branchville in '96. It's been refined over the years, but I feel this is indeed the final form.


"Remember the Sussex Branch" My Sussex Branch Poem arranged to music.

"Uncle Joe" a song I wrote to a familiar folk tune about Joe Quackenbush, one of the most popular engineers on the Sussex Railroad. (Based on one of his published obituaries.)


"Blizzard River & Western" My wife's account of our steam Train Trip we took under less than favorable conditions.


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