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(Sung to the tune "Old Dan Tucker")
"Uncle" Joe
(c) David E. Rutan
Uncle Joe was an engineer,
On the Sussex Railroad here.
Kept his engine runnin' fine,
And got to the station right on time.
Listen, you'll hear Ol' Sussex comin'.
Joe Quackenbush has got her runnin'.
Chuggin' through our fields and valleys,
Waving to all the Toms and Sallys.
Joe came to us in '53,
A railroad waterboy he would be.
Built the line to Newton Town
And helped them turn the train around.
In '55 he drove the train,
Through the wind and in the rain
The people knew that all was fine
When Uncle Joe went up the line.
In the blizzard of aught and five,
Uncle Joe was still alive,
Led his passengers from the train
So they could ride the line again.
1915 was the year,
Uncle Joe left us down here.
Went to run on another line.
Now Heaven's railroad is right on time.
When you're walking late at night,
Don't be scared or get a fright.
Uncle Joe still drives his train,
Up the line and back again.


This poem may be diseminated freely as long as I, David E. Rutan, the author am given full credit.