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Marking Time

Some of the events in Sussex Branch history are not referred to with exact dates. As I find documentation of events, I will add them to this section.



January 1,1869 - First train ran over the Branchville line as far as Lafayette.

January 1, 1958 - Franklin station destroyed by fire.

January 1959 - Mail service delivery on the Sussex Branch comes to an end.

January 12,1962 - Blocking signals taken out of service north of Andover.

January 22, 1994 - 8:15 A.M. - The roof of the Branchville station collapses under the weight of heavy snow, pushing out the end walls. (Crash heard by Dick Roy)

January 28,1870 - Train car overturns in Andover.


February 23, 1932 - permission to discontinue service to Franklin granted by Public Utilities Commission.


March 9, 1848 - Abram S. Hewitt obtains a charter for the Sussex Mine Rail Road.


April 1, 1976 - Erie Lackawanna absorbed into Conrail. Sussex Branch remained in EL estate :-)>

April 12, 1955 - Wye track outside of Branchville taken out of service and replaced by runaround track.

April 15, 1999 - My Sussex Branch Memorial site up and ready.


May 5, 1853 - Ground broken on the Sussex Railroad.

May 21, 1850 - Ground broken near Waterloo for mule road.

May 26, 1934 - abandonment of Franklin branch approved by Interstate Commerce Commission.


June 5, 1953 - engine No. 1135 on Branchville Milk train No. 1050 made the final steam run on the Boonton Branch of the DL&W [DL&WRR in the 20th Century pg. 201]


July 3, 1869 - Line completed to Branchville.

July 4, 1872 - Newton 'cutoff' completed.

July 7, 1953 - Newton water tank dismantled.

July 9, 1966 - Last fan trip runs up the Branch. It was sponsored by the Railroadians of America.

July 10, 1966 - Last passenger train from Branchville to Hoboken.

July 12, 1900 - work on Stanhope cutoff begun.

July 13, 1966 - Last passenger train from Newton to Hoboken. Two Erie Stillwell coaches behind RS-3 #932 ended passenger service on the Sussex branch north of Andover Junction.

July 14, 1870 - The depot at Franklin is finished.

July 17, 1962 - Boiler explosion and fire in the Sussex Milk & Cream Co. closes the Branchville plant.

July 21, 1901 - Stanhope cutoff put into service.

July 25, Camel-back locomotives running on the Sussex road.

July 27, 1881 - Lackawanna bought controlling interest in the Sussex Railroad.


August 5, 1901- Train wreck on the Stanhope Cutoff.

August 19, 1955 - Hurricane Diane causes flash floods which burst two dams in Branchville washing out about a mile of the railroad.

August 23, 1851 - Sussex Register reports that three mules were killed by accident on the mule road.


September 1, 1962 - Last service to Branchville creamery.

September 25, 1854 - A steam locomotive reaches Andover in time to haul ore from the mine to the canal at Waterloo before it freezes for the winter.

September 26, 1998 - Plaque commemorating the Branchville station was dedicated as part of Branchville's 100th anniversary celebration.


October 2, 1966 - Last passenger train from Andover ended all service on the Sussex Branch.

October 10, 1955 - service restored to Branchville following hurricane Diane.

October 24, 2001: The Sussex Branch memorial receives its domain name,


November 14, 1970 - The Newton Depot is taken down

November 24, 1911 - Branchville Junction station burns down. A new one is built by April of 1912.

November 30 ,1964 - Becker's creamery at Strader's closes. Last milk train runs on the branch. [Sussex County Voice]


December 4, 1910 - hotel at Cranberry Lake destroyed by fire.

December 11, 1854 - First passenger train enters Newton.

December 29, 1964 - remainder of blocking signals taken out of service on Sussex branch.