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Standing on the Front Seat

Dave Rutan

In July of 1966 I was about 2 1/2 years old, but I do have one Sussex Branch memory of a train. According to my dad, I heard the train and wanted to go see it. We went to the Diller Avenue crossing, by the Merriam shoe factory. I distinctly recall standing on the front seat of the car and seeing a few boxcars slowly pass by, going timetable east. This was most likely the drill taking the empties that were at the Roy Co. in Branchville and the siding in Lafayette.

Aside from that, I remember such dateless things as my dad coming home from work and saying all the signals were blinking along the branch. I remember it because he called someone else from his work to tell them.

Another story is about the concrete 'thing' behind William Parr's auction barn in Andover. It's located between the crossing of Rt. 206 and the crossing of the L&HR. Anyway, there was and still is this large, square, concrete 'thing' that Uncle Bill said belonged to the railroad. He wanted it out of there and at one time got someone to dynamite it. The structure survived and the mystery remains as to what it is.

(As it turns out, the concrete thing is likely the remains of a storage tank for a print & dye works which was built ther in the 1920s.)