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Andover Station

Andover Station

Guy Puffer

I was inside the station a couple of times when my mother and I rode to Newton on the train. Looking at the track-side plan, the door on right went into the passenger waiting area which had some bench-type seats around the perimeter and a big, black pot-belly stove in the middle of the room and I seem to remember wainscoted wall treatment. Separated from the waiting area was the ticket office with a small bank-style window with bars behind which sat the ticket agent. I can only imagine the door on the left of the track-side photo went into that area. The floors were narrow-boards and oiled to keep down dust. The interior was a dark, almost black color, and always had a lingering smell of coal fumes even in summer.

In the photo of the station on the truck, I recognize Frank Kilpatrick on the right of the truck owned by Frank Kilpatrick and Sons which was based on property on Lenape Road, almost next to where the station was moved. Coincidentally, Frank lived in the first house on the hill in Andover Borough which was built for the engineers of the cut-off from which they could visibly see the progress of construction while working in their offices reviewing/drawing plans, and sleeping there also. The view was great because there were no trees on the hill at all and that was the only house.