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DL&W Wood Caboose


The Sparrowspoint division of Bethlehem Car Works recently released a very nice laser cut wood kit of this caboose. The kit is still available from the ELHS.

I got one of these kits for Christmas one year before I even had a lot of the materials/supplies one needs to easily build kits. After I finished my module of the Franklin station (a semi-daunting task for a first timer,) I took another look at the kit.

Photo Sources

The best photo sources for this model would be the Erie/DLW Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment by Larry DeYoung.

The instructions in this kit are probably adequate for those who are familiar with cabooses or prototype rolling stock generally. I needed some coaching however and was graced with the text of a review by Richard Recordon which someday will appear in Railroad Model Craftsman.

The kit is not all that bad and made a very sharp little Lackawanna caboose for me. Well worth the effort of research and careful assembly.

The kit does not include trucks, but Mr. Recordon recomended Kaydee # 511 Bettendorf "T" section trucks. He replaced the coil springs with Walther's leaf springs for the ultimate in detail.

Colors for these things are always a matter of personal opinion. I chose to paint my caboose Polly Scale Oxide Red.


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