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Kitbashing a D.L.&W. Multiple Unit Car

Picture of finished model will appear here.

WARNING: The following dissertation contains modeling methods which may be appalling.

While these cars are best known to have run under elecrtric power from


Evergreen Styrene

Evergreen Clear Styrene




Bits & Pieces

Dover to Hoboken, for a time, they occasionally were pulled by steam under the catenary. Also, occasionally, apparently on weekends in the 1940's they visited the Sussex Branch.

It's in my nature at times to do oddball things and I think it would be fun to see a train of 4 multiple units being pulled into Newton by steam. Here then are some thoughts on this project.

Looking around the net, it seems to me that IHC's heavyweight coach might be a good, inexpensive starting point for experimentation. Note: Actually it isn't. When I get into this project, I'll find something. -DR

I have a drawing of the end and side view of an M.U. which was published some time ago, and there are a pletrhora of photographs of these cars.

Main problem I see is finding something to look like a folded down pantograph.