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Tichy DL&W 50 Ton Twin Hoppers

A quick review by Tom Dimmick

The Tichy 50 ton twin hoppers are an excellent model. Easy to build, good lettering and good instructions. They can be easily assembled using Goo for the weights and regular styrene cement for all other joints. If additional detail is desired, wire for grabs, brake detailing and the train line, it is easily added. The finished assembly is a light gray in color and easily accepts a semi gloss black (for decals) of Polly S, Scalecoat or Floquil as the modeler desires. These are good kits for anyone modeling the late 30's to the 50's. I did choose to replace the kit trucks with Kadee and I used #5 Kadee couplers. Total modeling time per unit (depending on added details) is about 2 hours, exclusive of paint drying time. A good entry level model beyond the "Shake the Box" level.

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