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Dave's HO Layout of the Sussex Branch


It's going to be in our attic in a space measuring (13' x 26').

Below I'm listing the towns I'll be including on the layout in some fashion:

Netcong: Netcong will be one of my showpieces, so I'll likely leave the scratchbuilding to later when I've gained experience. Also, I've looked at the station with an eye to doing drawings and it's going to be a bear.

Netcong will have the industrial sidings typical to the 1952-1960 era, including the Netcong Feed & Coal, Stocker Manufacturing (siding only), and the freight house. This will be the only location with crossing gates, so I'm planning on using ones which will automatically lower & raise as the trains go by.

As the town has the old Main trackage on the other side of the station (near side as viewed) I'm planning on running anachronistic trains on it occasionally. Can you imaging seeing a little steam powered Sussex Branch freight coming east down the branch with an NJT diesel set running west past the station? BWUHAHA!

Newton: I'm modeling Newton at about 1952, but I will not be able to include all of the industries. An oil company, and Hart & Iliff Lumber. The freight and passenger stations will be used and I'll have the 90 foot turntable (hopefully operational.)

Becker's Creamery: Who could model the Sussex Branch without Becker's! Most likely modeled in the 1950's-60's Hopefully I can find some more pics.

Branchville: Branchville is the end of the line and thus sits above Netcong and is visible from the entrance to the room. I'm including the turning wye here for steam and early diesel operations. The industries in Branchville will include Sussex Milk & Cream, the Roy Co., a grain silo and team track.

Originally I was trying to squeeze Augusta Jct. in to allow some kind of continuous running, but decided it probably wouldn't work with my space. Besides, I can have 3 trains running and just use from Newton north for switching fun.