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Dave's HO Layout Progress Report

28 November 2005: Hey, a quicker update! In these shots you can see what the layout looks like as of 28 November 2005. We finally joined the 21st century and got a digicam.

Here's the shot looking west at Netcong.

This one looks east. Notice the paper mock ups of the passenger and freight stations.

I'm going to start adding some scenery elements next, such as the road overpass east of the station. This will be a little more involved than I first thought as anyone familiar with the roads there can testify.

27 October 2005: In September I actually got some surface put down. In preparation to lay track, (which I've since done,) this shot shows the pink board which will become east Netcong. The lines you see were scored into the board using a kitchen spoon using the full size track-layout sheets I made at work. While the scoring come in handy, I can't say I use them as a hard and fast rule. Sometimes the track works better when done by eye.

11 August 2005: Here's a shot showing the Newton Protrusion. I set some of my pink board on it so that I could lay out the sheets containing the track diagrams. Notice the appropriately placed water tank.

11 July 2005: Finally got a few pictures of the progress in my layout room (such as they are.)

Picture 1 is just after I started, showing the 2x4 I nailed to the studs to facilitate attaching the frames into position.

Picture 2 shows the bare benchwork. Where the photographer stands will be the Newton Yard, after I build the 'protrusion.'


3 July 2005: The framework for most of phase one is up. (I ran out of wood for the 'Newton Protrusion', but will get the rest soon. I've done enough to allow me to lay track for the 'outer Netcong loop'. I also did some organizing of my train stuff up there, so I know where it is and it will be out of the way for the Great Purge (when we go up and reorganize the non-train stuff. I've taken pictures, but without a digicam, sharing will be delayed.

25 June 2005: I have finally broken ground on the attic layout. Prep is going well and I hope to begin painting sky blue tonight. I don't have a digicam yet, so pics will have to wait.