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Modeling the DLW/LNE Augusta Passenger Station

© Dave Rutan 2005

The drawings presented here are based on photographic evidence, Sanborn and ICC Valuation Map information. This station only survived into the 1930's, so I've drawn the it as it might appear about 1910.

The roof on this building was probably slate, the siding either novelty siding or clapboard with about 5" reveal. The station was probably red with green trim until about 1915, at which time it could have taken on the DLW colors of light gray with dark green trim.

See my Station information page for Augusta for historical notes.

If you see anything amiss in my drawings, please speak up. I strive to make these as accurate as possible.



Donations of photographs or scans of photographs of this or any other Sussex County, New Jersey railroad station are always welcome.

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