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Modeling the DL&W Lafayette, N.J. Station (Ca. 1960)


These drawings are based on photographic evidence, personal recollections, extrapolations and ICC Valuation Map information. I've drawn the station as it might appear in 1960.

I've come up with measurements. I cannot guarantee they're 100% accurate to the prototype station, but they will work to create a model that looks an awful lot like the Lafayette station.

If anyone knows something I missed, please speak up.

I encourage everyone to print these plans out and show them to ANYONE who may be able to correct or confirm anything I have here. And if you or someone you know is modeling this station, I'd appreciate knowing about it.





The Lafayette shelter looks to have sported red asphalt shingles on it's exterior walls. Green trim and a gray asphalt shingle roof finished out it's colors.

Donations of photographs or scans of photographs of this or any other Sussex County, New Jersey railroad station are always welcome.

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