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Modeling the Lackawanna's Newton Passenger Station

© Dave Rutan 2004

The drawings presented here are based on photographic evidence and ICC Valuation Map information. I've drawn the station as it might appear in 3 distinct time periods, 1910, with the full portico, 1953, the steam/diesel transition period, and 1966, the end times with no portico.

Thanks to Bob Pennisi at Railroad Avenue Enterprises, I have secured several photographs that are so sharp and clear, I can easily count the bricks to determine the measurements of the doors and windows!

If you see anything amiss in my drawings, please speak up. I strive to make these as accurate as possible.

If you ever had opportunity to be INSIDE this station, I'd love to attempt a floor plan.










Donations of photographs or scans of photographs of this or any other Sussex County, New Jersey railroad station are always welcome.

Images I used to make these drawings are from the following sources:

  • Tom Collard
  • W.A. Jordan Collection
  • R.L.Johnson Collection
  • Erie Lackawanna In Color, Vol. 4, The Early Years, Larry DeYoung
  • Lackawanna Heritage, John Krause/Ed Crist
  • Color Postcards of the Newton Depot Courtesy of the Patricia Haggerty Frato collection
  • A postcard view from my friend, Joseph Codella

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