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30 December 2006: Here's how I tweaked an IHC Pacific.

11 April 2005: Read how I kitbashed a DL&W clerestory roof baggage car from an IHC heavyweight.

12 March 2005: I've added a 'Motive Power' page. If you have any comments or corrections, feel free to contribute!

5 March 2005: I've completed my kit bash of a DL&W wood milk car (42 footer) ala Rusty Recordon. This was my first attempt at kit bashing where the car had to be cut in half. It was fun and I recommend it for any DL&W modeler.

2 February 2005: I've added drawings of the Becker & Son Creamery. These include the creamery building, the winch house and an auxiliary building.

25 January 2005: I've added drawings of the Netcong freight station and the Augusta Passenger station

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