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Motive Power for Modeling the D.L.& W. Sussex Branch

Life Like


I have an Athearn TM which was apparently a custom paint job. I got it at a train show about 10 years ago and the label on the box was not the usual type. This has also not been run and the engine could use some detailing to improve it's appearance. I also need to do some coupler height adjustments on it.

I got a look at the new TM and they look sweet. Puts mine to shame, really.


Atlas has just released a DL&W RS-3 (December 2006)

International Hobby Corp. (IHC):

Pacific (4-6-2) :

Outside of brass, pretty much you're stuck with custom jobs (like my ex-Bowser Pacific,) or IHC, bless their hearts.

The IHC models run well, but I know they're not modeled on DLW prototypes. Their Pacific has a tapered boiler (DLW's were pretty straight in the photos I have,) plus a wider firebox.

I was gifted one of these for Christmas. Read how I've tweaked it more towards the DL&W

Pacific (streamstyled 4-6-2):

I have one of these. Without making a list, hmm, let's see... The smokebox front is not a smooth dome and came with two 'pumps' or something on it. It's silver instead of green... Well, I'm going to fix it up eventually and number it as the 1115.

Mikado (2-8-2):

IHC's Mikado probably shouldn't have a tapered boiler either, but I think the light Mikes (1200 series) may be right. No functioning front coupler, but for run through trains it'll do fine. The one I have seems to have a number which didn't exist(?) 1583, so I'm renumbering it 1256. There are several color photos of it and even a B/W photo of it helping an L&HR job down from Andover.

Consolidation (2-8-0):

I also have a consolidation which I got to run steam freights. The front coupler actually functions and can be replaced by a #5 Kaydee. Yes, the dimensions are incorrect for a DLW consolidation. The headlight is close enough for now, but I'll likely put a Calscale one on it when I get around to detailing engines...

Camelback (2-6-0):

The IHC 2-6-0 Camelback looks good from a steam engine point of view. I am however, well aware that it does not resemble a Lackawanna camelback mogul very well. Mine runs well, and pulls a moderately long milk train. The Roundhouse milk cars look very good behind this engine.

Mogul (2-6-0)

Yes, I bought a 2-6-0 mogul. I couldn't resist. While it doesn't seem to have the traction of the camelback, it does look good. I'm going to renumber mine 565 in honor of the lifeless hulk at Steamtown. It has a functional front coupler for switching freights.

0-8-0 Switcher

This one was thrown in my lap by a friend. It's a good little engine and runs well. The front coupler functions which makes it totally useful for switching. Being a firm believer that many things are possible, I'm sure at some point an 0-8-0 was used to haul a freight up the Sussex Branch.

NEWS: I've recently learned of a photo showing DL&W 0-8-0 #239 switching the Sussex Branch at Netcong.

Life Like:

I got a Lifelike Proto 2000 GP-7 when they came out. I'm quite happy with the detail and it runs very well on the layout. I remember when it was released that something was said about one of the yellow hand rails was wrong and that the staunchions should be painted black.

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