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Rolling Stock for the Sussex Branch

Passenger Cars
Milk Cars
Freight Cars

Passenger Cars:

  • DL&W Boonton Coach - Slightly detailing the Funaro & Camerlengo resin kit.
  • DL&W Boonton Combine - An easy kitbash from the F&C kit.
  • DL&W Baggage Car - Advice and translation of the instructions from when I built the BCW kit.
  • DL&W Baggage Car Kitbash - Kitbashing a clerestory roof baggage car from an IHC heavyweight.
  • DL&W Railway Post Office - I recently purchased one of these BCW kits from the ELHS. Someday I'll start work on it.
  • DL&W Railway Post Office (from International Hobby Corp) - I got one of these for Christmas 2006. At this moment I'm not going to compare it line by line with the prototype. I painted the roof and undercarriage grimy black, changed the trucks and installed body mounted kaydees. I'm happy and actually have one of these in the GMY and pullman green (another gift.)
  • DL&W M.U.s - Some musings on kitbashing these unpowered cars.
  • Erie Stillwell Coach - From F&C. Only for that 'Day After the Merger' train.
  • Erie Stillwell Coach in N Scale - An article about kitbashing these cars appeared in the February 2007 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman.

Milk Cars:

  • Borden's Butterdish Cars - My off the cuff review of the re-release of these kits from Funaro Camerlengo.
    • There was an article in the April 2002 issue of RMC on kitbashing one of these cars in HO Scale.
    • An N Scale kitbashing article ran in RMC in March 2003
    • An article on the net about the problems with manufacturing these cars yourself..
  • Borden's Wood Side Tank Cars - A kitbash from the Walther's wood reefer.
  • DL&W Wood Milk Cars - Kitbash these cars via an RMC article by Richard Recordon. The article ran in July 1991.
  • DL&W Twin Boxcar Reefers - I kitbashed the Lackawanna's Twin Steel Reefers from 2 Accurail boxcars.
  • Pfaudler Steel Milk Tank Cars - Intermountain's recent release of these cars has caused quite some discussion on the Milktrain yahoo group.
  • DLW Ancient Milk Cars: These were used on the DLW into the 1920's. Let's say Don and I have a few ideas kicking around to build a few.
  • Erie/B&M 40' Steel Milk Car with Viking Roof: Another F&C kit for that 'Day After the Merger' milk train to Becker's.


  • DL&W Wood Caboose - The Sparrowspoint division of Bethlehem Car Works recently released this very nice laser cut wood kit.
  • DL&W Steel Caboose - Joe Lofland of JJLmodels offers this sweet resin kit of the DLW steel caboose. Follow along as I assemble mine. This page is in progress. I will update it as I assemble the kit. -DR

Freight Car Kits:

  • F&C DL&W ARA 1924 Box Car kit - Adds variety to any consist.
  • Tichy DL&W 50 Ton Hopper - A quick review of this kit by Tom Dimmick

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