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Sussex Branch Train Timetables

In this section I am putting links to train schedules that include the Sussex Branch from different years. If you know of one I haven't found or would like to send me one, your addition would be appreciated.

Here is a reproduction of the announced train schedule from 1854, when the Sussex Railroad first began operation.

This Schedule, from 1869, is the earliest one I've found with Branchville Junction as a station stop.

A 1912 DL&W schedule courtesy of Don Hein.

Cover, Schedule with Map, Schedule (pg. 3)

Here is a schedule from 1923. (on another site)

Thanks to Ed Montgomery, I'm please to post these timetables from:

And courtesy of Don Shorock, I have the schedules from 1962 and 1965.


Cover, Eastbound weekdays, Westbound weekdays, Eastbound Saturday/Sunday, Westbound Saturday/Sunday, Map

1962 Conductor's Passenger Tariff Schedule L-No.1

Cover, Hoboken, Newark, Sussex


Cover, Eastbound weekdays, Westbound weekdays, Saturday/Sunday Service


1966 - the last year of service.

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