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Sussex Branch Papers

In this section you will find scans or reproductions of papers that were used on or pertain to the Sussex Branch.

Contributions would be most welcome.

Last Train to Branchville: This is a handout from the Railroadians of America on the occasion of the 'Last Train to Branchville' trip on July 9, 1966. Need I mention that this was actually the NEXT TO LAST day of service to Branchville?

(Page 1, Page 2, Page 3)

Agent book from Andover containing pages from 1894-1900. (I own this.)

The Mark Forder Collection

Mark Forder has given me permission to link to several Sussex Railroad items on his Ephemera website.


Sussex Railroad pass from the Greenberg/Lowenthal book.

Train Orders: These were sent to me via email by Robert S. Knox.


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