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Sussex Branch Tickets

In this section you will find scans or reproductions of tickets that were used on the Sussex Branch.

Contributions would be most welcome.

Mike Laner has shared several tickets from his Aunt's scrapbook. These are tickets she used to commute from Franklin to Newton where she attended the high school.

Here's two tickets from my collection. They were given to me by my friend, Joe Codella. As the story goes these were found in the attic space of the Andover passenger depot when it was being abandoned.

Ticket 1 Lafayette to Newton

Ticket 2 Branchville to Newton.

Here's a ticket from the very last passenger train on the Sussex Branch. Contributed by John Hulse, a passenger on that train!

1966 October 2 [Front][Back][Inverted back]

Here's a Sussex Railroad ticket scanned from the Lowenthal Greenberg book:

[Newton to Branchville]

Here's Lackawanna ticket from the Lowenthal Greenberg book:

[Newark to Branchville]

Here's a Lackawanna ticket image that was seen on eBay

[Newton to Lafayette]

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