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Branchville Junction Station

in Lafayette Township, New Jersey

MP 63.3 (DL&W) 14.8 (SRR)

Telegraph Call: BJ

Branchville Junction station

This is where the Branchville line diverged from the Franklin line when they were built in 1869. The Sussex Railroad Company built a station here early on, as an 1869 schedule shows it was used as a station stop with a long interval between trains. A telephone connection was installed between Newton and Branchville Junction (Warbasse) in 1870, but apparently this was premature as a telegraph operator was stationed there in 1879.

In this period (and beyond) the names 'Branchville Junction' and 'Warbasse' (or 'Warbasse's Junction') were used alternatively in many newspaper articles.

In late 1905 to early 1906 the Lackawanna greatly improved the conditions here, bringing the old water tank from the improved Newton yard and building a more 'commodious' station for the agent.

In late 1911 (November 24, 1911), through an apparent act of arson, the Branchville Junction station was burned to the ground. Officials from the Lackawanna Railroad visited the site the very next day, and it was reported in the press that the station would be rebuilt as soon as possible as this was an important center for passengers. Apparently the third station, (about 12' x 30') lived on until at least 1928 when the agent was discontinued. The line to Franklin was abandoned June/July 1934.

  • I believe this is a picture of the first station built at Branchville Junction. It probably wasn't much more than a telegraph shack, and was probably bid good riddance when replaced in 1905 with the larger structure. In this picture, if you follow the tracks on the right hand side into the distance, you can see the shape of what might be an approaching 1000 class locomotive. (I remind you that engines didn't run with headlights on in the early days of steam.)
  • This is a shot of the water tank, built in late 1905. Before this tank was installed, some of the engines from Branchville to Newton had to cut off from the coaches at the junction and run light to Newton to get a drink, then return and continue with the coaches.
  • Here is a shot of a velocipede passing the milk platform on the Franklin leg of the wye track. It was located just behind the depot.
  • [Enlarged shot of station only]
  • Track map (Corrected from Lackawanna Railroad in Northwest New Jersey)
  • Station Agents List

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