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Newton, New Jersey

MP 60.0 (DL&W) 11.5 (SRR)

Telegraph Call: N

Newton Station

The original Depot for the Sussex Railroad was was a 122 x 68 foot frame structure built in 1854. This building was used as the freight and passenger depot and had 2 parallel tracks running into it. It was converted for exclusive freight use in 1873 and torn down in 1906 when the concrete freight station was built on the same site.

The brick passenger station, (22 x 70 feet), was built in 1873 and the temporary frame prefab that served during its construction was eventually transferred to Lafayette for use as that town's depot. The second floor of the brick depot contained the Sussex Railroad offices . The separate freight agent was discontinued in 1931-33, but the passenger agent continued up until abandonment. While the freight house survives today as a mini mall, the passenger station was taken down on November 14, 1970.

The original engine house was built about 1860 and was replaced (or rebuilt) to four stalls in 1873. A four stall, brick roundhouse was reduced to two stalls by 1902, and torn down in 1933. The yard had a water tank, a water crane and a stock yard in the 1920s. The 90 foot turntable lasted into the 1950s.

This photo shows what I call the 'Porch roof' era of the station. The portico had been removed except for a section along the track this photo is likely from the Early 1940's to 1950's.

Just outside of Newton, a trestle was built over the Newton-Sparta Rd. in 1906. At the time it was hailed as abolishing a dangerous grade crossing. By the 1960s, when this photo was snapped, the town was chomping at the bit to remove the trestle as trucks could not navigate it's 11 foot height. The sharp turn leading to it and narrow width only added to the problem which is why it was removed within 1 year of the railroad's abandonment.

From 1967:

Nearby Industries: Merriam Shoe Factory, Feed, lumber and coal dealers, bulk oil plant, N.J. Power and Light Co. (formerly Newton Gas & Electric) (View 2 from about 1930)

Opposite side of Newton Gas & Electric from 1927 Perspective map.

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