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The Sussex Branch Email List

You can use this page to join the Sussex Branch List which I will use to announce upcoming events regarding the Sussex Branch of the DL&W such as Guided Hikes and Talks I may be giving. I welcome any questions/discussions my postings might generate.

For general Lackawanna Railroad discussions I would really recommend the Erie-Lackawanna Mail List at:



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Once you've joined, feel free to introduce yourself to the list.

If you have trouble joining my list via Yahoo, email me and I can subscribe you directly. -Dave

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Access Via the Web You will need to register with Yahoo and obtain a Yahoo ID in order to access the SussexBranch group via the web.


Topic Policy


Clearly on topic:

(a) The Sussex Railroad from Waterloo or Stanhope/Netcong to Branchville and Franklin.
(b) The hiking trail that uses that roadbed.
(c) Modeling the Sussex Branch
Reasonably on topic:
(d) The DL&W old Main
(e) Other railroading in Sussex County, New Jersey
(f) Modeling the Lackawanna's Old Main (Dover to Washington)


Clearly off topic:
(g) Politics
(h) Abortion
(i) Spam
(j) Virus Warnings (If you want to warn your friends, don't use the lists!)
(k) eBay listings
Anyone who flagrantly strays from this policy will be subject to warning, moderation, unsubscription and banning in that order. New members are automatically put on probation for a few days to prevent the old 'Join and Spam' crowd.