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White Cliffs Land
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The beautiful Kent coast, also known as “white cliffs land”, is home to iconic white chalk cliffs. This stunning coastline attracts visitors from all over the world to enjoy its beauty and the best beaches and seaside towns in the UK. Many offer a traditional Victorian seaside experience, fascinating history, and a multitude of attractions. The best Kent coast towns have something for everyone. To give you an idea of the Kent coast’s best beaches, we have selected five of our favorites.


Margate, a historic Kent seaside town, conjures up the memories of childhood holidays. It is located north-east from Canterbury and offers a traditional seaside holiday feel. There are also a number of attractions such as a world-class gallery, retro shops, cool cafés, and trendy bars. You can spend a full day here exploring the history and heritage of the town, as well as relaxing on the beaches, enjoying the amusements at the seaside, and eating in style.

Adults will enjoy: The internationally-respected Turner Contemporary art gallery, featuring a mixture of historical and modern artworks.

Children will love it: Margate is incomplete without Dreamland, a British amusement park. It’s filled with classic seaside shows, rides, and games, just like the name.





This popular Kent coast town is known as the “jewel in Thanet’s crown”, and it’s easy to see why. Broadstairs, although slightly smaller than Margate, is wider in its appeal. It boasts seven sandy beaches and everything you need to enjoy a holiday along the Kent coast, including the famous chalk stacks at Botany Bay, the surf school, and the incredible waves of Joss Bay. You will find charming cottages for fishermen and many culinary delights including 1950s ice cream parlors.

Adults will love this: The Dickens House Museum reveals strong connections to Charles Dickens.

Children will love to splash in the tidal pools and take part in the rides at Viking Bay.





Deal, one of the most picturesque coastal towns in Kent, is a photographers’ paradise. Deal is quieter than Broadstairs and Margate, and has charming streets that wind through the town lined with Georgian townhouses and colourful fishing cottages. This charming seaside town in Kent has a vibrant foodie scene. Locally caught seafood is served daily on the beachfront overlooking the beautiful pebble beach. Deal has something for everyone. It offers literary connections, historical attractions, boutique shops, and delicious restaurants.

Adults will enjoy: Exploring the galleries and museums of the town, and taking in its diverse arts scene.

Children will enjoy: Being king of the castle and exploring the secret tunnels at Deal Castle. This castle is one of the most beautiful Tudor artillery castles.





Whitstable, another example of a picturesque Kent coast town, is easy to reach from London. It makes it an ideal destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The unique shops, vibrant art scene, delicious foodie spots, and relaxed atmosphere of the seaside will make it easy to relax. To see the boats pass by, and to taste the famous Whitstable oyster, take a ride on the historic Thames sailing barge Greta or stop by the quirky shops for souvenirs.

Adults will enjoy: Going back in time and exploring the town’s maritime history at Whitstable Museum & Gallery.

Children will love the Crab and Winkle Way, which is a seven-mile, virtually traffic-free route that runs between Whitstable and Canterbury.



Dover, also known as the “Gateway to England”, is a key part of the English coast. Visitors can discover a rich and varied history in this vibrant port town. It’s also a popular spot for walkers, adventurers and lovers of the great outdoors. The iconic Chalk and Channel Way, a seven-mile cycling route that runs between Dover to Folkestone, is well-known for its white cliffs. It offers stunning views of the English coast and provides a great opportunity to do so. The town is full of things to see, do and eat, for all ages, including ancient forts, war memorials, outlet shopping, and boat trips.

Adults will enjoy: Dover’s many attractions and activities ensure that everyone is happy.

Children will love it: Gazing in awe at Dover marina’s size and the people coming into and out of the harbour.


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