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You all deserve a vacation every once in a while, don’t ya think? One that takes us from our everyday lives and takes us to a place that is extraordinary. Extraordinary means a place that will completely sweep us off our feet. It should offer luxury, comfort, laughter, and lots of fun. Brighton-East Sussex is a great choice if you’re looking for a place that offers all of the above. You should be aware that you must visit Brighton to truly experience all it has to offer.

Brighton is simply amazing, from the air you breathe to the sun that shines on you. Brighton was initially thought to be a small fishing village. The Domesday Book actually mentions Brighton as a fishing village in 1086.

Brighton was named Brthelmeston, or Brighthelmstone in the Domesday Book of 1086. This wonderful city was not known until the nineteenth century. Most of this beautiful area has remained unchanged since 1916.

Chain Pier was once located in Brighton. It was constructed during 1883 and ran along the coast. It was destroyed by a story in 1896. Palace Pier was built in 1899 to replace Chain Pier.

Brighton’s walls are full of amazing features. Dome Theatre is another great feature that you’ll find. It was built in 1805. It was originally the royal stables. The Museum of Art Gallery is also located here. Here you can find British Paintings, art deco, and English pottery from both the nineteenth and twenty-century. The restaurants of Brighton are worth a visit, as are the hotels.

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