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If you want to see some of England’s most beautiful countryside and one the most recognisable sections of coastline, then perhaps it is time to visit Sussex in the South East of England.

East Sussex has many attractions and some of Britain’s most beautiful scenery. Visitors can explore the beautiful coastline of East Sussex with its iconic chalk cliffs that extend all the way to Kent.

This is the area of East Sussex that includes the historic town of Hastings. It is located in the middle of “1066 Country”, as the locals call it. Anyone who knows their English history well will be able to tell you that this is the place where William the Conqueror arrived in France and defeated King Harold of England in the Battle of Hastings. This victory saw William take the English throne.

Both West Sussex and East Sussex share a rich and deep historical past. Many of these influences can still be found in the region today. The most prominent examples are the castles and fortifications that resulted in the area’s strategic military location and its war-torn history. East Sussex is home to one of the most extensive concentrations of castles anywhere in England. Many of these castles have been well-kept or are being restored by the English Heritage charity.

These amazing historical buildings are a great reminder of England’s past and offer visitors the chance to see how people lived in medieval and middle-ages England.

Bodiam Castle is a notable castle in east Sussex. It is located near Robertsbridge. It is a perfect example of what you would expect to see in a 14th century’moated English castle’. It was built by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge in 1385, a former knight under Edward III.

It is the ideal place to spend a day with your family and learn about history. The National Trust of England runs Bodiam Castle. Visitors of all ages can enjoy many activities and events at the castle, including grand medieval weekends, dressing up as knights, lords, court jesters, or princesses for children. There are many events throughout the year, from falconry demonstrations and battle reenactments to historical exhibitions to craft fairs in local villages. You can have fun while learning a bit about history.


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